In 2014, Danish amusement parks hit a rough patch with declining visitor numbers. One of the exceptions was Universe – a remotely placed science park. With a new brand platform and an innovative marketing system, we helped Universe succeed in a hostile market.


Competing with much larger, more conveniently located amusement parks and battling the consequences of a name change, Universe experienced declining visitor numbers in 2013. Awareness was at an all-time low. To turn the tide, Universe outsourced all marketing tasks to us, trusting us to handle strategy, identity, creative concept, day-to-day tasks, and public relations.


After building a brand platform, positioning Universe as a mind-blowing amazement park, we developed a comprehensive go-to-market strategy. Building on this foundation, we came up with a creative concept that communicated Universe as a weird and wonderful world with its own laws of nature. The concept was rolled in TV and cinemas, online and offline, as well as in the park. Finally, the website was restructured and redesigned to increase online ticket sales.


The visitor numbers showed a 13% increase, while both awareness and qualified awareness rose drastically. Upon launching our marketing effort, we established a brand benchmark, allowing us to measure the qualitative effect our work. When measuring after the end of the 2014 season, we found that we had improved on all brand parameters. Finally, the number of visitors to the website doubled, and so did the ‘online-visit to ticket-purchase’ conversion rate.

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