Refreshing and re-designing a beloved Danish classic, with packaging that would allow it to embark on an all-new voyage.


As one of the most recognisable brands in Danish culture, it was a brave move for Cloetta to change the look of its Skipper’s Pipes packaging. However, the product was in real need of a refresh, so Agency Spring relished the opportunity to evolve the design while staying true to its roots and working hard to avoid alienating the consumer.


To ensure we approached the rebranding as carefully as possible, we went back to the heart of what made it so special to Danish consumers. We kept the iconic ship as the focal point of the pack, reinvigorating the surrounding elements and introducing a ship’s wheel to reinforce the seafaring nature of the Skipper’s Pipes brand. We wanted to signal to the consumer that Skipper’s Pipes could take them on their own unique voyage of discovery, keeping them at the heart of the product experience.

Rakusens - redeveloping identity
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