Having refreshed the way Skipper’s Pipes looked, we were entrusted with creating a whole brand story to support it… all told in a luxurious hardback book.


The Skipper’s Pipes packaging refresh and advent calendar had been a great success, but Cloetta still needed an effective brand story that could be applied to the wider business. A deep understanding of the product and how people interact with it would be required – and so too would be an attractive, durable way to showcase the story these things would inform.


Our Skipper’s Pipes Log Book expanded on the nautical, seafaring elements associated with the brand, to talk about identity, audience, style and the correct use of design and language. The content was constructed to be as accessible and functional as possible, while the 120 GSM matt pages and exposed screw, gold embossed portfolio binder ensured it was also something to be enjoyed aesthetically.

Salling Julekatalog
Manchester Architects - Visual identity