/ Wishes come true

For department stores, the importance of the Christmas catalogue cannot be overestimated. In a season that’ll easily make or break an entire year, it’s a unique opportunity to showcase your offerings to readers who are actually interested.

With the 2017 catalogue, we wanted build on our strategic brand platform “sharing passion” by positioning Salling as the place where you can make wishes come true for your family. A child on the cover illustrates the joy of anticipation, while the catalogue itself draws on the fashion magazine toolbox to create an engaging shopping experience that’s rich on Christmas spirit.

Christmas spirit, however, can be hard to come by when it’s 26° out. In fact, it took an entire special effects team with multiple bags of fake snow and a high-powered snow cannon to create the outdoor images.


340 pages of design, fashion, food and more.

Trade secret: The luxury car on page 55 is in fact a taxi from Randers. The Bentley owner cancelled on the day of the photo shoot.

Skipper's Pipes - Brandbook