Redefining the Atlantic prawn

Highlighting the sweet taste and delicate texture of a forgotten seafood classic, with targeted print and digital material for Wild Atlantic Prawns designed to educate and inspire advocacy.


Under threat from the cheaper, more aggressively farmed Far Eastern alternative, Agency Spring was challenged by Wild Atlantic Prawns to redefine an ingredient that had lost favour with chefs and consumers. Often associated with out-dated culinary trends, a lack of understanding existed around the Wild Atlantic Prawn and its higher price point. We would need to address this in a way that inspired the food service industry to re-evaluate the product.


As Wild Atlantic Prawns take six years to mature and are significantly sweeter and more delicate in texture than their warm water competitor, they were repositioned as ‘A Cold Water Delicacy’. A series of recipe cards was developed to highlight this message at industry events, targeting trainee chefs for long-term advocacy. In exchange for contact details for future engagement, a digital and print brochure was developed, collating the recipes alongside preparation tips and nutritional values.

Skipper's Pipes - packaging