How does one fit an entire brand into a piece of packaging? By combining strategic design thinking and advanced technology, we helped Lurpak carve out a sharp position in the international market.


In Great Britain, Lurpak is positioned as the cook’s ‘Weapon of Choice’. AGENCY SPRING was asked to create an iconic, ownable new look for a core product of the Lurpak Cook’s Range – an easy-to-use cooking liquid. The design had to be able to balance the brand values of Lurpak with consumer demands for convenience.


Basing our design strategy on the classic form of the knife – a tool at the heart of cooking – we created visual metaphor for the Lurpak brand. Working through a series of 3D visuals using advanced software and prototyping with state-of the-art 3D printing technology, we arrived at the final design – an elegant and functional packaging that underpinned Lurpak’s brand position.

Initially launched in the UK, Sweden, and Middle East in 2014, and more countries are lined up for launches throughout 2015.

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