Baking up a successful campaign

Lantmännen Unibake

A strategic collaboration on a new communication concept and a new approach to campaigns has delivered a sales increase of index 141 by leveraging existing stone-oven baked products.


Traditionally, a large portion of Lantmannen Unibake’s marketing budget has been allocated to introduce the many new products to the market each year.

Lantmannen Unibake’s marketing department came to Agency Spring with the thought of reactivating the large back catalogue of stone-oven baked products towards the professional market.

Marketing Director, Berit Hoffmann briefed on the overall goal to increase sales across the product portfolio through a concept that would reactivate the many existing stone-oven baked products.


From the concept “Brød med historie” (Bread with history) Agency Spring could start looking for – at communicating – the fantastic stories that are enabled by stone-oven baked breads. These business-, process-, and product-related stories could then be activated across the many touch points on the brand’s journey to the end user.

After we had gathered insights in internal and external interviews, Agency Spring developed a wide ranges of sales materials, including: sales guides for the sales team filled with anecdotes, portrait films that focused on the many product benefits of baking in a stone oven, external speakers for sales kick-off meetings, ads, brochures, POS materials and a wide range of digital assets.


An sales increase of index 120, compared to same period last year, was measured just six short months after the campaign was launched. This was made possible by capturing a large portion of the sales team’s enthusiasm with the reactivation strategy. This innovative strategy allowed them to effectively identify sales opportunities and communicate the many great stories and reasons to use stone-oven baked products.

The connection between the product-, marketing- and sales-departments also received a massive boost thanks to the collective hunt for the exciting stories that stone-oven baked products could tell.

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