Karolines Køkken might be a highly respected brand but even a 50-year old lady must keep up. AGENCY SPRING adapted the 312 pages anniversary recipe book to a digital platform, designing an app that goes far beyond what a printed copy has to offer in terms of inspiration and guidance.


Karolines Køkken is probably one of the most iconic Danish brands and definitely one of the most loved ones. In celebration of its 50th anniversary, Karolines Køkken published a 312 pages recipe book, packed with the best of the past five decades and new versions of all time favourites. Acknowledging, however, that iPads and tablets are becoming increasing popular in the kitchen Karolines Køkken wanted to make the anniversary recipe book available online as well.


The anniversary recipe book “Alle tiders Karoline” was originally intended as a traditional e-book but we opted for a much more inspirational and user-friendly app-solution to turn the recipe book into a valuable tool in the kitchen. Offering an easy overview of all recipes, including articles on the history of Karolines Køkken, the digital version makes it more fun to decide on tonight’s menu.


The app “Alle tiders Karoline” was nominated for the Danish App Award 2013.

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