The Quest has begun

Reliability never goes out of style. By staging an international treasure hunt for the oldest running pumps, we helped Grundfos re-launch a classic and dig up exciting case stories from around the world.


Grundfos came to us with the task of re-launching the Grundfos SP submersible pump internationally, as well as introducing an extended range of the product. The pump was virtually identical to the original version from 1965, but still the most reliable and energy-efficient solution on the market; an astounding fact that we believed could be used as a communicational hook to engage both internal and external target groups.


We created a comprehensive integrated campaign targeted at distributors, end-users, and Grundfos sales people. Spanning everything from websites, films, and sales tools to apps and energy calculators, the campaign invited the target groups to join a quest to find the oldest running SP pump in the world. Not only did this engage the target groups in an exciting way, it also functioned as a marketing and PR engine, collecting great case stories and permissions from all over the world.

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