A unique solution from AGENCY SPRING makes it possible to use the same sales presentation on multiple platforms without extensive and expensive reprogramming.


Facing the biggest venture ever – the launch of two game-changing circulation pumps – Grundfos set the bar high for the Berlin kick-off, that were to take their own sales people and selected customers by storm. To truly let the benefits and innovative features of the new pumps shine, Grundfos wanted to use touchscreen as part of the launch activities – but asked that the content could afterwards be used for e-learning purposes and as a sales and presentation tool on multiple platforms.



Structuring technical input and conveying it in an informative and appealing manner via text, images and 3D animations is no news to AGENCY SPRING. What was new to us, however, was how to make an app designed for a touchscreen work on the requested platforms without expensive reprogramming.

In a fight against time we developed a unique solution that makes a presentation independent of platforms with a minimum of extra programming – and even allows flash animations to work on iPads.

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