360° marketing of Denmark’s longest and most exciting roller-coaster ride, Juvelen (The Jewel), helps Djurs Sommerland generate a 20% visitor increase.


Every year, Djurs Sommerland presents a thrilling new ride and 2013 was no different. With its 1 km stretch of thrilling curves at ridiculous speeds and a double-launch feature, Juvelen (The Jewel) had the potential to bring in record numbers – but not without a proper piece of storytelling.


We made Juvelen the focal point all communication of 2013. We helped build a mythological universe around the ride, turning it into a wild treasure hunt through the Mexican jungle. By employing a mix of relevant channels, such as CGI heavy TV-spots, print ads, new brochures and an all-new responsive website, the story was effectively communicated to all target groups.


At the end of the summer, Djurs Sommerland could show a 20% increase in visitors compared to the year before. That’s just about 100.000 extra tickets sold. All in all, the communication of Juvelen helped bring home a record-breaking total visitor number of 752.000 happy treasure hunters.

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