Agency Spring was challenged to create a whole new brand to target the premium US cracker market.


Developing a new visual identity and packaging for Bonn’s & Co, a company with a rich Yorkshire past looking to launch a new premium brand in the UK, while reaching out to the US market. This new line of crackers would need to lean on high quality ingredients and local heritage to speak to a very different target audience than the client had traditionally been used to. It would also need to tap into a very specific emotional connection about British culture and produce.


Taking inspiration from the locality of the manufacturer, a series of bespoke, hand-drawn images of historic Yorkshire towns was produced by a specially selected artist from the area. These sketches would help communicate an overall message of authenticity, along with a central White Rose emblem to emphasise the emotive pack story. A subtle, high-end colour palate was chosen to allow the product to stand out among its rivals, with a specially designed and website to support the launch. The Bonn’s & Co range will now be stocked in two of the UK’s most prestigious retailers, Harrods and Fortnum & Mason.

Grundfos - Big Bang
Rakusens - redeveloping identity