To commemorate the 150th anniversary of the historic battle of Dybbol Banke in 1864 and attract tourists from all over Denmark, we worked together with the three main attractions of Southern Jutland to create the definitive 1864 experience.


The commercial driver of the project was a combo-ticket for the three attractions with transportation and accommodation package deals. We wrapped this offering in dramatic, experience-based storytelling, communicating the idea of a journey back in time. A national campaign was launched on the very date of the battle. The campaign included a website, online banners, e-DM’s, print ads in national and local media, competition-fuelled video spots in trains, and POS materials for local hotels.


The war against the Prussians in 1864 was a turning point in Danish history. In 2014, the Danish Broadcasting Corporation rekindled the nations interest in 1864 with a record-breaking TV series. When three main attractions in the historic warzone – Universe Science Park, Battlefield Center Dybbol Banke, and Sønderborg Castle – saw an opportunity to leverage the newfound popularity, they asked us to create a platform to maximize exposure.



The campaign exceeded the expectations of the involved parties, who all benefitted from the co-promotion. Already within the first running year, the campaign had more than paid for itself, and as we speak it is continuously attracting visitors to the region. The cooperation between the attractions was in itself historic and will likely pave the way for other co-promotion ventures in the future.

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