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New agency group between Agency Spring, Spring Production and Zupa

New, strong agency group with a shared bottom line

Starting today, Zupa and Agency Spring will form a new, strong agency group where clients will benefit from the combination of size and specialist skills. The key words are strong business understanding, cutting-edge digital solutions, and efficient marketing production – all tied together by a solid focus on creativity.

The new agency constellation consists of Agency Spring, Zupa and Spring Production, and with its more than 200 employees – 110 of them in Denmark – it will be among the most significant in the Danish advertising industry.

“The combination of broad competencies and joint ownership gives us a series of competitive advantages”, says Peer Brændholt, Group CEO. He continues: “The advertising industry in Denmark and Scandinavia is developing rapidly, and the best solutions are at an increasingly high level – from strategy and creativity to production value. Our new initiative is driven by the ambition to be able to deliver at an even higher level together than we did before as separate entities. The new constellation will enable us to do that because we can offer our clients the combination of size and specialist skills”.

By joining forces, the agencies will have a stronger position in Copenhagen, and strong competencies will get to play a part across the units. At the same time, there will be new growth opportunities for Spring Production in both Vietnam and Denmark, and the agency group’s many international clients will benefit from an even stronger product.

Petter Pablo Sommerfelt-Venegas, who was CEO of Zupa until yesterday, will play a central and unifying role as Group Managing Director across the agency group’s advertising agencies and as interim MD for the Copenhagen office. “A key skill that determines your ability to deliver strong solutions for your clients, is the ability to see the bigger picture and be able to think and execute across channels. I think it will be hard to find agencies in the Nordic region that are as qualified as we are in that regard”

Petter Pablo is looking forward to combining digital competencies within UX, digital design, CMS, automation, and SoMe with classical advertising competencies within strategy, branding, art direction, and copywriting. The agency group will be a modern lead agency that can orchestrate all the competencies needed in the value chain and create the strongest possible offering to the client. “And everything we do will have business understanding and communication as its point of departure”, Petter Pablo adds.

Besides Petter Pablo Sommerfelt-Venegas, a series of employees will be dedicated to cross-unit collaboration. Mogens Kristensen will continue as Head of Ideation across all units. He says: “This constellation has been built on our joint ambition to raise the bar for our creative solutions and to create even better results for our clients. In the new agency group, our ability to combine creative and strategic competencies across professional boundaries will be strengthened, and that will enable us to deliver unique and cutting-edge solutions. It is our declared goal to invest further in our creative community and I am looking very much forward to the opportunities that lie ahead”.

Jens Bjørn Koustrup Nielsen will leave his position as Managing Director of Agency Spring Copenhagen in April. This is due to Jens Bjørn’s wish to try a new, exciting position elsewhere in the industry.

The partner group behind the new agency group is: Albert Funder, Peer Brændholt, Petter Pablo Sommerfelt-Venegas, Morten Eskildsen, Peter Enevoldsen, Michael Patterson, Mads Mikkelsen, Lars Bo Hansen, Jesper Hjortshøj, Jens Hjortshøj, Lone Kragh and Mogens Kristensen.

Cross-unit management in the agency group
Albert Funder will be Chairman of the Board
Peer Brændholt will be Group CEO
Lars Bo Hansen continues as Group Managing Director for Spring Production in both Denmark, Germany and Vietnam.
Petter Pablo Sommerfelt-Venegas will be new Group Managing Director for Agency Spring and Zupa in Aarhus, Copenhagen and Manchester. He will also be interim MD for the Copenhagen office.
Mogens Kristensen continues as Head of Ideation for Agency Spring and Zupa in Aarhus, Copenhagen and Manchester.

For more information, please contact:
Peer Brændholt: 61 28 55 00 /
Petter Pablo Sommerfelt-Venegas: 40 75 41 01 /
Albert Funder: 21 41 53 30 /

– Expected group contribution margin: DKK 110.000.000
– Number of employees: 220
– Offices: Copenhagen, Aarhus, Bjerringbro, Manchester, Hamburg, Ho Chi Minh City
– The new agency groups has clients such as: Novo Nordisk, LEGO, Grundfos, Astellas, UL, Jysk, Dansk Supermarked, OK Benzin, XL-BYG, Danske Bank, FOA, 3F, Aarhus and Horsens kommune, Danfoss, Hyundai, Radiometer and Sundhedsstyrelsen
– The latest MyImage analysis rated ZUPA #2 in digital competencies and AGENCY SPRING #2 in business understanding. These are two of the competencies most highly valued by CMOs when choosing an agency.

Great results for Agency Spring in MyImage survey

In a survey conducted with 704 marketing executives in Denmark, Agency Spring has performed outstandingly in categories that are very important to the company. The agency thus placed first on its ability to create results and its ability to understand its clients’ businesses.

“Having just celebrated our first birthday as a merged agency, we are very proud to already place so well in the MyImage survey”, says Agency Spring CEO Peer Brændholt. “We are very committed to understanding what our clients’ businesses are about and to creating the results they desire, so placing first in these categories is very rewarding for us”, he continues.

Agency Spring also did well in a series of other categories. The agency placed second in its ability to collaborate with other agencies, third in the ability to create integrated communication, second in its overall brand positioning, and fifth in the overall MyImage score.

All in all a very satisfactory result that Agency Spring cannot wait to improve even more in 2016.

Coffee table book for AS3

The AS3 team helped the HR consulting firm AS3 create a so-called “Coffee table book” to celebrate their 25th anniversary.

The book is 260 pages long and includes 25 strategic client cases from Scandinavia e.g. Arla, VG in Norway, DONG, Vestas, Kelloggs and Nestlé. The aim of the book is to brand AS3 both internally and externally and the book now receives international recognition. AS3 just won a 2nd place in a European internal communications competition in Rome. The FEIEA Grand Prix Ceremony celebrates the best internal communication achievements from across Europe. AS3 won in the category “Best multi-language publication”, where they beat companies like Volvo and Bosch.

Read more about the award and the winners here

Three True Awards for Agency Spring

The people have spoken. At this year’s True Awards, Agency Spring took home three awards for the film “OK – Fencing”.
All three awards recognize the film’s ability to engage and excite – and confirm our belief that a strong idea is able to create measurable results and build relations between brands and audiences.
We are very proud of our first film award as Agency Spring, and happy that we have succeeded in renewing OK’s strong film concept for the third year in a row.

Watch the film here